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The One Offs

This section is for works that only have one panel...ok so some of them have a few panels but you get the idea.  Some were for special occasions and holidays and others were just me coming up with something that only required one or a few panels to get the message across.  Enjoy!

Double Header...self explanatory. :)

Alice Regrets
This pic is what might have happened if things didn't go well for Alice in her visit to Wonderland.

Cheerleader Slaughter    Cheerleader Slaughter
These two are the Cheerleader Slaughter pics....they speak for themselves.

Christmas 2009
This one was for Christmas 2009


A mobsters new girlfriend taking care of the outgoing wife and daughters.

The High School Headsman...'nuf said.

Kim Torture    Kim Torture
This is Kim at the beginning of a torture session.  Ouch... that's gotta hurt.

Head in Cow
For some reason this one seems to be endlessly facinating to some folks.  Basically it's a slave being punished by getting her head shoved up a cows ass until shes about to pass out...then pulled out and shoved in again all the while being sodomized by her master....until he thinks shes learned her lession.  Ewwww....

New Years 2011
New Years 2011

Red Heads
Red Head Hanging Day

Sondra Sword
Sondra gets the blade.

Stephy    Stephy    Stephy
Three panels to welcome Stephy to The Dark Spot.

Three Hung
Three babes getting a neck stretching.

Trish Lion
Trish meets up with a lion while on safari.  Needless to say it didn't go well for Trish.

Turkeys Revenge    Turkeys Revenge
Thanksgiving 2010

Wire Hang
Four babes getting hung with steel wire... ouch.


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